My habit of wandering into spac

My drifting eyes are connected by Unconsciousness, which is my consciousness.

Walking and looking. Thinking and imaging. These are ordinary acts which we practice everyday. However, they are very important for me because they give essential images for my paintings.

When I am walking and looking, I have no purpose and expectation for any discovery or impressed by something. I just enjoy thinking and imaging in my walking. It is interesting, of course, to walk in a beautiful sight in order to see them, but we sometimes cannot feel such a fresh beauty due to fixing a viewing point in advance. We sometimes think that we must be touched by such a beautiful sight because it is a sightseeing point. On the other hand, we just spend impression if an object for seeing gives us too much. Therefore, I cannot get much inspiration from the beautiful sight. In short, it is best to wander the city for thinking and imaging.

Everything that I look at is changing with my movement, and all my sense organs unconsciously react to human voice, car noise, temperature, humidity, light, and my physical/mental condition. In such a situation, my consciousness creates its own world with thinking and imaging over again. Then, I suddenly carried away by what I look at or reality take place abruptly, which makes us tense. In this moment, I stand face to face with the reality and catch it as transient memory. I start to walk again.

While my eyes drifts between real and un-real/consciousness and unconsciousness in going on walk, they provoke some fragments of thinking and memory. There is the space-time where our eyes to inner/outer sight are floating.

I walk from real world into space in paintings, which means I enter into a totally fiction world. However, how can we walk such a world where we actually cannot walk? We need a few steps in order to walk into the painting world. At first, you replace walking with moving your eyes for looking at a picture. Next, you try to use your eyes for not only decoding represented figure and world in context, but also feeling a reaction of your optic nerve. If you can do the steps, you can feel the picture and walk into it.

Well, how do we put walking and looking into practice when we make a picture? Now, I keep on walking space by painting. There is no rough sketch as a map in my process for painting, so there is just vast and vague white canvas. This huge white space has magnetic force and I unconsciously get this vibration wave as my power to painting. In this process, I make a picture like walking, mixing inner chaos and reality.

Because our world is changing too fast to catch up by walk, I don't know what walking and an idea from walking mean. Moreover, I cannot understand meaning of thinking about my own expression in our age. However, there is the fact that I cannot look at anything without walking. Although I believe firmly that there is the place where I cannot arrive at, I am wandering between dream and reality with my painting brush as a walking stick.